2nd Shito Ryu & Kobudo Bo Championships - 19.05.2023


WSSHRF members Federations/Groups and invited Federation /Groups/ Individuals can participate at the 2nd Shito Ryu & Kobudo Bo Championships. Federation which confirm participation at the Championships, will create account and will send the name of account on email karate.wsshrf@gmail.com, after that we will open to possibility to register your team composition. Federation which have allready created account at the www.sutazekarate.sk and can´t  register, will announce to us that can´t register and send the name of account and we will open them registration. Wask the participating Federations, please at the registration to the personal data of the competitors or team members upload personal photo which will be used for Entry Cards. Members Fedration can register THREE and nonmembres TWO competitors to each weight category to
U21 or Senior.   
U21 competitors can´t  take part Senior
competitions in WSSHRF Championship.   
Senior competitors can take
part in his weight category as example -65kg and +18 Open. In masters +35
Open etc. categories competitor can take part his weight
category example -65kg/53kg  and his/her age category +35, +45,
+55 Open, male or female
. Category kumite +18
Open is intended for age from 18 to 34 year.

Usporiadateľské konto: WSSHRF
Termín: 19.05.2023
Typ súťaže: Súťaž pre pozvané federácie / kluby
Registrácia: 18.11.2022 - 14.05.2023
Mazanie pretekárov zo súpisky do: 14.05.2023
Ostaršenie: Nie
Viacnásobný štart: Áno
Súbory na stiahnutie: 2nd WSSRFH Championships Bulletin N°2 Final version.pdf - 19.04.2023 06:47:45
Kata, Kobudo & Kumite rules WSSHRF-Version 2023.pdf - 03.04.2023 04:22:20
Referee activity WSSHRF2023.pdf - 03.04.2023 04:22:28
Timetable:PDF - rozšírený zápis
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